Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Trying to Survive

I haven't blogged much lately...and you shouldn't expect many posts in the near future either. I'm just trying to keep my head above water as graduation from seminary quickly approaches, with the due date of our baby hot on it's heels. My last seminary class ever will be Wednesday, April 11, but I think I have 9 or 10 big assignments left to complete in that 6-week period. This might be a rough month-and-a-half.

Two weeks after graduating I am heading out on a road trip with my best friend to mountain bike, rock climb, and disc golf our way down to Moab, UT and back. A month after that epic adventure will mark the beginning of another, with the birth of my first child. So, needless to say, I'll be a little busy for the next 3 months with reading, writing, travel, and doctor visits. Buckle your seat's about to get crazy!