Monday, September 10, 2018

A Renewed Rhythm

The other day, in conversation with Mandy, I uttered the phrase, “I can’t wait for our lives to slow down.” To which she accurately replied, “When is that going to happen?

And she’s right…our lives are not slowing down anytime soon. But I think what I was longing for with my comment was a renewed sense of equilibrium and regularity in our schedule. After a summer of chaotic, unscheduled, and irregular fun, I was pining for normalcy…even amidst our busyness.

Which makes sense, because that was the way the world was designed by our great Creator God. The ‘six+one’ rhythm was knit into the fabric of the universe and must not be neglected if one desires a good life. In fact, the ancient rabbis even talked about how our work wasn’t actually done after six days, but is only completed after the rest has occurred. The rest is a necessary part of our work. Rest and rhythm is vital to the abundant life of Jesus for which we so longingly search.

So, while my schedule has remained as busy as ever, I am grateful for the rhythm and regularity that comes with the school calendar. It is a salve to my sunburned soul; a balm to the burnout of busyness. I’m relishing the slow pace of walking the girls to school, sitting at the dinner table and hearing about their days, and the early bedtimes that leave room for quiet evenings.

So, may we all find a newfound rhythm in our lives during this change-of-pace that comes with a new school year. May we slow down at times and simply bask in the beautiful goodness of life. May we occasionally turn off the distractions of life and temporarily turn our full attention to hearing the voice of God. May we remain committed to the spiritual practice of reading and praying the prophets together this Fall. And may God soothe our spirits in a world of chaotic and intense busyness.