Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Need To Say No...

Each day we face an onslaught of people clamoring for our attention. Everyone and their dog wants a piece of our time and attention, and often we show no wisdom in how we decide who deserves our attention and who does not. At least I don't often put much thought into it. But we SHOULD!!

As a new school year inches closer, we must be well aware of the fact that our days and weeks will be incredibly busy and there will always be the urge to make them busier with just 'one more activity.' We must resist this 'need' to be everything to all people, and be content saying no to a few things so we can say yes to the things that are really important.

Throughout Jesus' ministry he was constantly saying 'no' to a ton of people who had some huge issues. Jesus understood that his time was valuable and knew that he needed to say 'no' to some things so he could say 'yes' to the things that God had called him to. What is it that God is calling you to this coming year? Are you doing those things, or has your schedule been crammed with everything but those things that are most important? May we be people who know our priorities, set boundaries with our time, and are willing to say 'no' to some things so we can say 'yes' to the things that really matter.

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