Tuesday, January 2, 2007

And It Seems Like Common Sense...

As I write this entry I am in the midst of preparing a sermon about being "In the world, but not of the world." This topic has been brewing in my mind now for a number of weeks and I have gradually written down a number of 'terribly insightful' thoughts which will surely turn heads and change lives:).

I am not sure if it is irony, though, or simple stupidity, that in the midst of attempting to think through what God would want me to say about this subject, I had failed to actually read through what God had to say for himself through his word. In trying to be God's messenger in this world, I had failed to look at the message. I don't think it was coincidence that Jesus spoke quite candidly about the very thing I was attempting to say. And I hadn't even looked at his words.

We have a huge tendency to do this in our own lives all the time. We desire to know and hear God's voice, but we never take time to listen to what he is trying to say. We desire deep insight regarding our purpose on this earth, but fail to read his memoirs about how to live the best possible life. Let's quit this elementary behavior. If we desire a deep relationship with our Savior, then let's act like it really is important to us. After all, it's only common sense.

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