Monday, February 19, 2007

Goodbye Audio A

Last evening I had the opportunity to go to a MercyMe, Audio Adrenaline, & Aaron Shust Concert. The concert was great and it was fun to hear a ton of familiar songs and sing along with some of my favorite Christian artists. I had never seen MercyMe in concert, so that was definitely a treat.

Now as I write and reflect, however, I am filled with a bit of sadness as I witnessed one of the final Audio Adrenaline concerts ever last night. This April they will call it quits after 16 years of amazing cds and jaw-dropping performances.

Audio Adrenaline has been a staple in the Christian music industry for almost the entirety of the "Christian Rock" era. I have been listening to them for over 10 years now, almost half my life, and have 8 of their cds. Their music really catapulted me into the realm of Christian music, something I am very grateful for.

I suppose there are no need for tears here, but I am really just trying to say thanks and goodbye to a fantastic band. I wish them the best and know God will continue to use them in amazing ways for the Kingdom.

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  1. not a big fan of contemporary christian music in general, but i like some of their older stuff.

  2. I don't find myself listening to as much Christian music as I used to either. If I listen to Christian music it is either worship music like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Hillsong, etc., or it is punk and harder rock or metal. I have no interest in K-Love-type music. As I was getting into Christian music, though, bands like dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline were the only ones making decent music, so I am grateful to them for getting me interested in the genre.

  3. yeah i would say the same. like worship stuff. like more clearly christian stuff. not the imitation of secular with overly preachy words.

    Did you get your YLO yet?? Makes me excited to know I pulled a YLO band for a youth event in Montana for a youth gathering. WOO HOO.

  4. I know. Very cool that Pivitplex has gone big. Their lead singer was my bank teller on campus at Montana State when I was there. The band had not made it big yet, so he was working full time as a teller, and he was the guy who always helped me. Just weird to be able to say that.