Friday, April 27, 2007

Does It Look Like I Want Your Junk?

With the coming of the beautiful weather lately, has come a whole new season with it: Rummage Sale Season! In Sioux Falls this time of the year means that the Kingswood Rummage Sale is in full force. For those non-Sioux Falls natives, the Kingswood Rummage Sale is the largest grouping of rummage sales in the nation, with literally thousands of garages open to the public.

Now for those who hate the feeling of finding a parking space at Walmart on a Saturday afternoon, this event is not for you. I happen to enjoy rummage saling, however. I have nothing against buying used, cheap stuff, plus you get the added bonus of watching crazy stay-at-home moms from Iowa fill small horse trailers full of there recent purchases. It's great!!

This morning I drove around with a friend casually perusing the Kingswood Extravaganza. I found nothing worth my hard-earned dollar, but did witness a number of very funny things. The first hilarious siting was an elementary school girl riding a scooter wearing a very funny rabbit costume, ears and all. So Funny!! So Weird!!

It always amazes me the things people try to get rid of, and the fact that others are willing to buy. We came across a sign announcing that just down the street we had the opportunity to buy "Beer Signs", as if we needed to add to our collection. It is also funny to see all the exercise equipment for sale, knowing full well that each one was purchased as a New Year's Resolution after watching a Bowflex commercial and was only used for a week or so.

The pinnacle of our shopping excursion came when we came across a house that was actually advertising that they had an "ATM Inside." Can you believe that? An ATM at a rummage sale. Has American materialism really stooped this low? If you need to take out a second mortgage on your house to go rummage saling, you may have a problem.

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