Sunday, August 19, 2007

No More Buffets...

Lately God has been teaching me a lot about what it means to be a disciple with all of my life, not just some. As Dan Brown writes in The DaVinci Code, Christians have become "cafeteria" Christians, where we pick and choose what we want to follow and what just isn't convenient enough. Jesus doesn't call only part of us to be sacrificed, though. He wants all of us. So for me I desire to be a follower of the Way who is doing all that God has called us to.

I have felt especially convicted in the area of social justice of late. We sit comfortably in our American lifestyle and claim to care about ending the problems of the world. I want more than that attitude.

My wife and I were talking about these very things the other night while we were sitting down eating a nice meal at an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Sioux Falls. I got about half-way through my meal and realized that I might be part of the problem. Millions of people go to bed hungry at night and I comfortably stuff my face with food and fail to finish my plate before going to get another one.

Mandy and I decided (and agreed not to be legalistic or judgmental about it) that we never needed to eat at a buffet again. We decided this based on three things. Firstly, it can be a step in the right direction toward partnering with the poor and oppressed of our world, to no longer be part of the problem. Secondly, it costs a lot and we simply don't need to spend that much money on food we don't need. And lastly, we end up eating way more than we need and is healthy.

I pray that we would start to embrace lifestyles that would honor the gospel Jesus died for. I am committed to finding ways to change the world and I hope that you and the American church are in for the ride.

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