Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Seattle Climbing

Those who know me know that I have been pretty obsessed with rock climbing throughout the last year. It really has become quite an addiction and I look forward to the rock climbing that I will be able to do while living here in Washington.

Today I made my way over to a man made practice structure that is outside of Husky Stadium at the University of Washington. The walls are really only intended for students and faculty, but the perk of looking like I'm 18 years old is that no one will probably question whether I'm a student or not.

The first picture is of the interesting wall at UW. Most of this is designed for a type of climbing called bouldering where you climb close to the ground and don't use ropes or any other safety equipment. The second picture is another wall at Marymoor Park in one of the suburbs. I haven't been there yet, but look forward to visiting this site in the future.

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  1. Hey Jason! Hope your having fun, dont get into to much trouble down over there in Washington!