Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

I must be in a "blog-promo" mood, but I just had to draw your attention to a blog that I've been hooked on in recent weeks. I discovered this site called "Stuff Christians Like," a site full of brilliant, hilarious, and enlightening writing that daily entertains and convicts me. The author, Prodigal John, regularly comments about strange and amusing things that Christians seem to enjoy that don't make sense when you really think about them. I encourage you to check out his site, and I guarantee he will have you laughing out loud by the end of the first post you read. Click HERE for the site. The following is the first paragraph from his newest post.

#438. Refusing to let people borrow your pen in church.
I like to think I’m a kind person, that deep down I have some degree of compassion bubbling in my heart like a holiday themed flavor of coffee. Perhaps a butternut toffee or peppermint stick swirl. But then something major happens and my true colors come out just like Cyndi Lauper promised they would. An economic downturn? A job loss or relationship crumbling? Nope, I'm talking about a major event, like someone asking to borrow my pen.

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