Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

Over the past few years, Mandy and I have begun to shift our ideas about material gifts around birthdays and Christmas. This year we have decided to not do gifts at all for each other, and we are spending far less on everyone else in our family than we have in the past. Ultimately we would like to not do gifts at all, and instead donate all the money we would have spent on gifts to a worthy cause. My friend Nate recently made me aware of a ministry that is attempting to make this possible, called Advent Conspiracy. Here is a video that has convicted my heart. Enjoy!


  1. I agree with that video. Tonight I was listening (which i never do because it typically frustrates me) to a local christian radio station. They were trying to promote giving by buying the lunch of the person behind you in the drive-thru or coffee shop. This all seems nice. Really when I think about it though it is just redistribution of wealth to those that already have it. If you can afford to go to a coffee shop and buy a 4 dollar drink, then probably the person behind you can as well.

    Lets cut the BS... How about we stop making it convenient to give. I am sure Jesus didn't say 'yeah let's finish our lattes and then pay for another privileged persons latte so we can feel good about doing God's work.'

    I personally still love to give gifts. I give gifts that the people themselves would not personally buy for themselves. Giving is about knowing someone, their heart, needs. I would rather not give anything than give just something.

    If you decide to give up buying presents ... Make it COUNT! don't buy a latte for someone behind you. How about forgoe the latte and find some that needs a meal and sit down to talk with them and listen to them while they eat. Be a real person and just really think about how you are giving this holiday season. Or more radically yet; how you are giving all the time.

    By the way. Happy birthday good to see you bloggin on your day.

  2. Great post, Jason. And great comment, Joel.

    I've been listening to the Advent Conspiracy podcast. They have some phenomenal topics on their podcast, and I really appreciate the way they address these topics. These guys are amazing, and I always pay attention to things that Shane Claiborne is involved in. His blog that they posted on the website, from another source, by the way, is phenomenal. I definitely suggest checking that out.

    Thanks, Jason.

  3. I appreciate your words Becca. I read Shane's post that you were talking about yesterday on the God's Politics website. Great article. I too appreciate Shane's words about almost anything.