Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally...Thank God!

I was at the Elliott Bay Book Co. downtown today and saw a theological resource that I'm not sure how any preacher could live without. Thankfully someone has finally cleared up the Apostle John's words for everyone to enjoy.

*BTW...I hope you are reading the sarcasm into this post, because it is definitely meant to be there. I'll lay it on thicker next time!


  1. Yeah, I might be a little careful about that.... depending on who wrote it... but good to know it's out there if I need it. :-)

  2. I hope that post came across as sarcasm because it was meant to. I just thought seeing that book was ridiculous.

  3. Oh... I missed the sarcasm. I have people, I guess, who would say something like that really seriously and I have to be like... "yeah, I don't know... um, who wrote it, and yeah, why are we talking about Revelations, again?" :-) Kinda knee-jerk, I guess.

    I agree. I think that books like that, candidly, are ridiculous.

    Thanks for the sarcasm warning... it's good to know that other people besides me think those things are ridiculous and make fun of them...