Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Must Win

I make an effort to not talk much about sports on this site (because I am obsessive and most people don't care that much about sports) but I couldn't avoid a brief post about an upcoming game. I am as die-hard of a Denver Bronco fan as you can imagine, and this season has provided a roller coaster of emotions for me. The off-season was rough, as Denver fired their hall-of-fame coach, traded their pro-bowl quarterback, nearly traded their pro-bowl receiver, and had a terrible draft day.

All seemed well, however, when the regular season began with six straight wins, including tough victories against Cincinnati, San Diego, Dallas, and New England. But now, three weeks later, my Broncos find themselves at 6-3 after three straight losses. And they haven't been the kind of losses that you can still feel good about, but rather, 2 blowouts and an embarrassing loss to the dreadful Washington Redskins.

With all this in mind, this Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers has become THE pivotal game for the Broncos' season. The Chargers started slow this season but have won the last 3 games and find themselves tied with the Broncos for the division lead. If the Broncos win this game, I believe they will go on to win the division and make the playoffs. If the Broncos lose, though, I think they will continue this backslide and miss the playoffs altogether. Needless to say, I'm a bit anxious about this upcoming match-up. Go Broncos!!

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