Monday, March 15, 2010

A Hell (of a) Series...Pt. 1

The website Out of Ur recently did a series on hell where they included six different videos from six different theologians with thoughts on the controversial subject. I found each video interesting at worst, and helpful at best, so I thought I would share these theological snippets with you. I definitely find myself resonating with a few of these speakers more than the rest (if you know me and my theology you may be able to figure out which ones), but this does seem like a fair representation of many sides of this issue. I will divide this series into three different posts, offering two videos for each post. I will be listing the videos in the order that Out of Ur listed them, so these are in no specific order and are not necessarily listed based on my agreement with the opinion. Enjoy!

Bishop N.T. Wright's Thoughts on Hell

John Piper's Thoughts on Hell

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  1. So when are you going to tell us what you think?

  2. Not sure if I was planning on telling you...but maybe I will now. It is just such a controversial subject that I find myself frightening of it. But I do have my thoughts so maybe I'll share them in the near future.