Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Pain of Honesty

Most of you know that I am a huge fan of Rob Bell, have had him as a seminary professor, have read everything he has ever written, and have been listening to his podcasted sermons for about 8 years. At some times over the past 8 years he has even been more of a pastor than anyone else in my life. It is painful for me to watch him be criticized by part of the theological world, usually by people who have not even read his book(s). This newest cartoon from the always-brilliant Jon Birch of ASBO Jesus is stunningly intelligent commentary on the current situation. Enjoy!

HT:  The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus


  1. oh man you win - I've listened to the sermon podcasts almost 7 years. I'm a bit of a fanatic. When did Rob teach a seminary class?

    the cartoon depicts the nature of the christian beast - we polarize, and even worse we use scripture to justify it.

  2. He taught a class on homiletics at my seminary, Mars Hill Graduate School, this fall. It was basically the same info as the Poets, Prophets, Preachers Conference, which I was at as well. Like I said...pretty big fan.

    And about the are absolutely right. We can make scripture say whatever we want and we can often use it as a weapon against people, rather than as a message of hope for the world. Ironic that the gospel (literally 'good news') is often far from good news for the world.