Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awaiting the Weekend

It seems like most people live for the weekend, and I can't really blame them. I do too. The week of work can become a monotonous grind and the weekends become a chance for refreshment of soul. But I wouldn't say that I'm usually just DYING to get to the weekend...

...except this week!

When Mandy, Zoe, and I moved to Montana a few months ago, one of the perks we were anticipating was the chance to see our families more often. So far, however, we haven't had much opportunity to take advantage of our new-found proximity. But that is changing. We are spending the weekend in Billings with my family so that we can celebrate my niece's 5th birthday. We are really excited!

This is the sort of event that we always missed when we lived so far away in Seattle. Moving to Montana has meant leaving a lot of incredible friends behind and moving to a place where we knew no one, so friendships are pretty rare at this point. But at least we are finally starting to reap the benefits of living near family.

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