Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The God Who is With Us

I'm currently reading through Rob Bell's latest book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, and am enjoying it immensely. So far it is not his best book he's written, but I still find his thoughts intriguing, inspiring, engaging, and beneficial. I would recommend you pick up a copy.

I just finished the chapter about how God is 'with' us and thought I would share a few memorable quotes. Enjoy!


"...what our experiences of God do at the most primal level of consciousness is jolt us into the affirmation that whatever this is, it matters. This person, place event, gesture, attitude, action, piece of art, parcel of land, heart, word, moment--it matters."

"When we talk about God, we're talking about that sense you have--however stifled, faint, or repressed it is--that hope is real, that things are headed somewhere, and that that somewhere is good."

" can be very religious and invoke the name of God and be able to quote lots of verses and be well versed in complicated theological systems and yet not be a person who sees. It's one thing to sing about God and recite quotes about God and invoke God's name; it's another to be aware of the presence in every taste, touch, sound, and embrace."

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