Friday, January 17, 2014

A Fun Facebook Convo...Sprinkled with Sarcasm & Seriousness

A few days ago I had a really fun, helpful conversation on Facebook with one of my best friends, Nate Larson. I asked him if I could post our conversation here on my blog, partly because I think we are hilarious, and partly because I feel like some really meaningful things were said. This conversation is a pretty even mix of sarcasm and seriousness, but I trust that you will be able to tell the difference between the two. To set the context of this conversation, Nate and I were talking about another pastor who was going to be preaching on the Sermon on the Mount. Enjoy!


Nathaniel Larson
smart! mennonites love the sermon on the mount

Jason Bowker
Baptists love Romans!
Nathaniel Larson
no doubt!
Jason Bowker
True. Cause he actually taught stuff instead
of just telling weird ambiguous stories

Nathaniel Larson
yea, Jesus was a hippy whose systematic
theology needed some work


Jason Bowker
And terrible evangelist. Always telling people to
be silent about who he was

Nathaniel Larson
yea, i wish people talked about that more

Jason Bowker
Yeah no one talks about the underground
covert nature of the gospel

Nathaniel Larson
nope, the gospel revealed by people in the
context of real community revealed by our lives,
not by marketing campaigns, tracts or tshirts


Jason Bowker
I love all those t-shirts. So convincing.
Makes me wanna turn my life over to Jesus

Nathaniel Larson
me too! i became a christian because of one,
and a bumper sticker, i was like - wow in case
of rapture that car will be unmanned, that is scary,
i love you Jesus and i want to follow you


Jason Bowker
If that person's boss is a Jewish carpenter,
I want mine to be one too!!

Nathaniel Larson
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Nathaniel Larson
Like the born again thing, which is a total crack up
to me. Cause Jesus only said that to one guy one time.
And then there was that whole born again movement.
You know where everybody said you had to be born
again. And I was going, 'why, am I Nicodemus?'
What happened to the passage that said, 'if you want
to follow Me, give up all you've got and give it to
the poor and take up your cross?' Do we all have to
do that too? Wheaton College April 11, 1997


Nathaniel Larson

Jason Bowker
I think the born again conversation has some
bearing for us. But not what we have made it.
It's original intention is that the person who
is born again is radically changed in every way.
A completely new person with all new behaviors
and language. Not just that I made some
one-time commitment that eternally
secured my eternity with god

Nathaniel Larson
what do you think about its relation to what
Jesus says to the rich young ruler?

Rich Mullins is the quoter of the quote i sent you
in affect Jesus said each thing to one person

Jason Bowker
I think those things are both specific and general.
Both intended for that person and to help shape the world.
But the main point is that the good news is
certainly not the same for everyone. It is contextual.
It meets us where we are and offers hope and
peace and grace into our specific circumstances

Nathaniel Larson
well put

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