Sunday, November 12, 2017

Our Weekend with the Scandrettes

The following is an article I wrote to my church members following our weekend with Mark and Lisa Scandrette a last week.


What an incredible weekend of activities and events 
with Mark and Lisa Scandrette!!

I hope you all were encouraged as much as I was, but wow, that was an amazing time of communitylearning, and challenge. First, it was great to simply be together as a church so often this weekend. There is something mysteriously spiritual about eating together...and I'm quite certain none of us went hungry over the previous three days! To watch you all gather around a meal, sit with one another, and connect with each other in deep, profound ways is one of the greatest aspects of my job. I absolutely LOVE creating and curating spaces for us all to simply be together.

Second, the weekend was filled with incredibly profound and insightful ideas and information. Mark and Lisa are brilliant thinkers and I constantly found myself jotting down new and exciting concepts. As Christians, we are called to love God with our whole selves -- including our minds -- so it was fantastic to have the opportunity to learn and think and grow.

And thirdly, this was a weekend of being challenged. The nature of Mark Scandrette's ministry is one that refuses to allow people to just attend an event, absorb some content, and walk away unscathed. He forces you to wrestle and process the ways in which we are invited and compelled into a new way of living and being. At the heart of Mark's message and ministry is that the way of Jesus is good and practical and actually leads into better ways of existing. 

So, I'm hopeful that this incredible weekend of being together, learning, and being challenged in our faith will send us out from here passionate about practically living out the way of Jesus in our world. May we truly believe that the path of Jesus is the best possible way of living and be committed to enacting this way in all that we do and say.

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