Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fine With Failure

This past Sunday I tried something a little different with my sermon—a bit theatric. For those who weren’t present, it was a bit risqué!! I preached on a passage in Colossians where Paul invites us to strip off the harmful, sinful ways of life we too often wear and to clothe ourselves with the values of Jesus’ new kingdom. So, to make my point, I literally stripped off about 8 layers of bulky, sweltering clothing and replaced them with new clothes, labeled with the values of God’s new way.

I don’t normally do stuff like that, though. I don’t consider myself overly creative and my sermons are normally pretty straight forward. There’s nothing terribly cool about our church, my ministry, or my preaching.

Sometimes, however, a passage of scripture is just begging to be proclaimed in a different, more creative manner. Some passages feel more visual or tactile than academic and cerebral, and demand a more visual and tactile presentation.

And when those passages arise, I’m so pleased to be pastoring a church that allows me the freedom to be playful with scripture. I think my sermon from Sunday went well, but my point is, even had it not, you all would have extended massive amounts of grace and understanding. I love the liberty you have afforded me to try some unusual things from time to time, even if they crash and burn.

The freedom to fail is an important element of success in all forms of life, including ministry. So, let’s continue to try new things, work hard to make them successful, pray that God would use our efforts mightily. But then, if failure results, let’s shake it off and keep trying to minister to and bless our church and our community.

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