Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Always Room for Growth

This Sunday I preached about the line in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Thy Will Be Done.’ I began by mentioning that I’ve been saying the Lord’s Prayer since I was a boy, so I’ve literally uttered those four words—thy will be done—thousands of times in my life. But I’m not sure I’d ever actually meditated on their significance. For years, I had spoken that phrase without giving much thought to how those four words might impact my life. I could recite the Lord’s Prayer in my sleep—and because of this, I most often recite the Lord’s Prayer mindlessly. I say it without thinking. I say it without meaning.

With that in mind, what I’m aware of today is how often we can fall into a rut of thinking and behaving the same way we always have, even if those thoughts and behaviors are no longer helpful or good. I can so easily assume that there is nothing left for me to learn about a certain topic or from a certain person, when there is always more for me to understand and room for me to grow.

We can always strengthen our understanding of God’s will, there is always more for us to learn about the way of Jesus, and we can always do better at following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

So, let’s commit to never settling. Let’s commit to always stretching ourselves and growing deeper in our faith. Let’s never assume we have life mastered. Let’s always strive to know better, believe better, and live better—more attuned to the good, pleasing, and perfect will of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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