Tuesday, March 10, 2020

An Unexpected Blessing

Yesterday, out the blue, someone blessed me with a free lunch.

I was enjoying my day off by spending a few hours at Bridger Bowl, trying to relax and decompress from a busy and stressful week. But my head was swimming with thoughts about a situation I need to deal with, so I had to run in to the lodge and quickly write an email before my words escaped me.

Before heading back out to the slopes, though, I thought I’d grab a quick bite to eat. As I entered the cafeteria of the Deer Park Chalet, however, I suddenly noticed someone who serves with me on the board of The Rock. She’s new to the board and has been a huge asset to The Rock already, but I don’t know much about her and wasn’t expecting the generosity she offered.

Unexpectedly, she volunteered to pay for my lunch—which is no small fee at the ski hill! She wanted to thank me for all the work I do, and have done, at The Rock over the years. I was blown away. After gathering our food and following through on her promised payment, she continued her generosity by inviting me to eat lunch with her and her family. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know her better, and to meet her husband and son.

Now…the reason for sharing this story and writing this article is not simply to boast about my free meal. It’s to encourage us all to use the blessings we have to be a blessing to others.

You see, in the process of our lunchtime conversation, I came to realize that this family seems to have no shortage of money. But they are using these blessings to be a blessing to others. They aren’t hoarding their blessings. They aren’t behaving as if they’ve ‘earned’ those blessings and should be entitled to do with them as they please. Instead, they are searching for ways to use their blessings for the benefit of others. This woman is new to Bozeman, yet is already serving the Lord in so many ways in this valley.

We’re always blessed to be a blessing. We’re always asked to take what we have—our time, talent, and treasure—and find ways to use those blessings for the sake of others.

So, you might not have a lot of extra cash laying around where you can pick up the tab for people anytime you’d like. But I guarantee you have been blessed in certain ways. I guarantee you have things you can share—your time, guest room, kitchen table, passions, hobbies, or skills. Yesterday’s lunch was a beautiful reminder to share what the Lord has given. May we all be encouraged to be a blessing out of the myriad of ways we have been blessed.

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