Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Busy November

In addition to all the other things that keep me busy around Asbury during this time of the year, Mandy and I will add to our busyness by traveling all over the country. We will be flying out to Seattle on Nov. 15 to visit Mars Hill Graduate School. I know that at some point along my journey I want to be trained in ministry, so we are beginning the search of where that may take place. Don’t worry…this doesn’t mean we’re leaving! We’re just looking.

On our way home we fly into Denver to change flights, where my parents will be waiting for us. We are going to skip the second half of our flight home and spend the Thanksgiving week at my aunt and uncle’s condo at Breckenridge, CO. Pray for us as we seek God’s direction for the future and for safety and relaxation as we travel, spend time with family, and hit the slopes at Breckenridge.

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