Wednesday, October 3, 2007

True Beauty

I was at a high school variety show the other night and was privileged to hear a teenage girl sing who had an absolutely beautiful voice. The thing that got me though was that I truly saw this girl as a beautiful creation of God, despite the fact that the world would not normally call her "beautiful". I was just so proud of her and saw her as incredibly special, even though I don't even know her.

I really felt like I should approach her after the show and tell her my thoughts, but I decided against that for fear that she would think me creepy. I pray that she has people in her life that will tell her they love her for just who she is and that she is beautiful inside and out. I fear she won't and I will have missed my opportunity. Do you think that would be creepy for a 24 year old guy to tell a teenage girl he has never met that he thinks she is beautiful inside and out and that God loves her and has a plan for her life? It is sad that people would look down on that kind of language, but they might.

I pray that as my relationship with God continues to grow I will begin to see even more people through God's eyes. I could almost literally SEE this young girl's worth. May it be that way with everyone I encounter. May I see them as God sees them.

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