Friday, February 1, 2008

Political Insight

Throughout our voting career, my wife and I have been the type that have not been incredibly informed and tend to lean toward our conservative Christian upbringing when it comes to filling out the ballot. So this year we have vowed to take the 2008 election seriously and be ready to make our voice count. We have found ourselves glued to CNN, watching nearly every debate.

The irony for me is that it is not usually the Republican debates that we are tuning in to. I am a registered Republican and still find the issues of the Republican ticket important, but my heart is pulled toward the Democratic Party and the things they are trying to accomplish in this world. Mandy and I recently took this online quiz ( to find out which candidate you are most closely affiliated, and 5 out of the top 6 for me were Democratic candidates. I am still surprised that this is happening, but I am thankful that Mandy and I are finally thinking for ourselves. I can't wait for November.

P.S. Check out that link. It is a great site to explore the issues of this election and to get more info about each candidate.


  1. That was a really interesting/helpful site. Thanks for sharring it :)

  2. No problem. I thought it was really informative. No biases. Just info.

  3. I also took the quiz. I scored on the democratic side as well. It is interesting to see how the 2 democratic contenders are tackling the issues and the answers to the debates....Will be interesting to see how it all pans out.