Friday, February 1, 2008

Recent Movies

My wife and I are sort of movie junkies. We find ourselves watching all sorts of movies, including those with no inherent value, only meant to entertain, but it has been nice lately to see a few films that really make you think and challenge your worldview.

"Into the Wild"

One of those recent films was the real-life story of Chris McCandless, "Into the Wild." This was a great story of a 20-something who was tired of the ordinary lifestyle and desired to experience the fullness that life has to offer. After college graduation he sold all he owned, donated his savings to a charity, and took to the road with only the clothes on his back. The lessons he learned and taught by simply engaging in people's stories touched my heart and reaffirmed my call to a life of ministry. May we all be so daring as to abandon the trappings of this world and experience the full, abundant life Christ has to offer. May we understand what Chris finally grasps in the end, that "Happiness is only real when shared."

"Charlie Wilson's War"

"Charlie Wilson's War" was another great film that left you thinking at the end of the movie. Charlie had worked for years to try and make a difference through war, and in the end was left wondering if he had accomplished anything of value. It made me think about the war we are currently engaged in here in America. It made me think about war in general. Are we really accomplishing anything? Is there another way of ending terrorism in the world? Is war ever the solution? Have we simply slipped into the myth of redemptive violence?

I by no means feel I have all the answers but I feel like things must change. I pray that we will see radical changes throughout the world when it comes to conflict. We need leaders, in churches and the White House, that will stand up and resist the evils of this world and will strive for justice. We need leaders who will care about the things God cares about. We need leaders who will be angry about the right things and will be fighting the right battles. May we join God in his effort to put this world back together. May we support God's cause and not oppose it.

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