Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Back

Hey to all my fellow bloggers. It feels like a lifetime since I have been on here. It is good to get back into a routine and I can't wait to restart the conversations with all of you.

I just got back from New Orleans at 7:30 this evening, where I had been for the past 9 days. I led a group of 28 to help rebuild the city in the wake of Katrina, and it was the best mission trip I've ever been on or led. We had such a great time, got a lot of work done, and were introduced to a new culture. I'm so blessed to have served with this group. We had 13 adults, 6 college students, and 9 high school students. I'm so proud of their hard work and great attitudes. What a great way to end my time at Asbury!

Mandy and I now sit 19 days away from moving, and it is really starting to become real. We are rapidly preparing for our garage sale this weekend, so our apartment looks like a war zone. Also, I have sort of bailed out of directing the camp I was supposed to be in charge of. I really feel like a jerk, but I really didn't know how stressed I would feel in June, and simply don't have the time or energy to devote to a week away at camp.

That's all for now. Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Leaving an area that you have been in for awhile, friends you have made, and getting ready to move is hard. No reason to feel badly about camping; there are others who will step forward in your absence. As you look down a whole other road on your spiritual journey, it's not surprising that you are finding time to be a premium right now. You have given so much to our congregation, to our community of faith, to our teens, to our college age, to worship. You have given many people an example, a real life, living, red-blooded, example of a young man living for God, and you have shown us how to live a God life. We are truly thankful.

    Hope the garage sale goes well.
    Hope the packing is light.
    Hope the time remaining is memorable.
    Hope the joy and peace of God remain with you.