Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's the Day

Well...the day has arrive. What seemed like it would never happen has finally occurred. We are moving today. We spent the afternoon on Saturday packing up our moving truck, so it is all ready to go now.

I'll be preaching here in a few hours so you can be praying I will have clarity of thought and mind. We will eat a quick lunch with our close friends and then hop in the truck en route for Billings, MT. We will stay with my grandparents tonight, have lunch with some close friends in Livingston, MT on Monday, and then make our way to Coeur d' Alene, ID that evening. We will then head out for Seattle on Tuesday morning for a couple long days of unpacking the truck with the help of my parents.

Pray for safety. Pray for patience. We love you all. See you and talk to you soon.


  1. Wow... I'm sure it is bittersweet. God be with you as you make the long journey. It's nice that you have things to look forward to on the way. I actually wish we were better friends so we could grab some coffee and catch up on your way through Spokane. Maybe someday I guess. You have had a part in how I got to be who God has made me to be and I thank you for that. It's amazing how many lives God allows us to touch even when we are still young.

  2. I miss you two already and it hasn't even been that long!! :( :(
    I hope that you will never forget me and my "laugh" lol! You have made me into the most outgoing girl ever! and i thank you for that! :) I will miss you two very much! God Bless! Keep in touch!

  3. Go with God! I found it rather ironic that the lectionary for this week includes Abraham's journey with Isaac to be sacrificed. Just like Abraham, you two are going on faith that God will provide! God-speed!

  4. Hey there Jason and Mandy. Hoping that you would post some more as you are traveling. D said you've been spending a LOT of money on gas to get there. It'll be good to be in Seattle where you can recoup some of that money by biking and walking, eh? Take care, Safe travels, and God speed!

  5. Hope ya'll are okay! Send word by post, text or email and tell us how you all are doing! Miss you guys terribly!