Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Appalling Speeches

It is probably no secret that I plan to vote for Barack Obama in our upcoming election, but at the same time, I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. Thus, I tuned in to the Republican National Convention tonight to hear the other side of the debate.

When I turned on the tv I was alarmed to hear the incredibly negative words coming from the mouths of both Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin. I don't mind a small amount of showing why the opposition isn't as qualified as the person you are supporting, but I hate the frequent use of cruelty and anger in an attempt to decimate the character of the opponent. Giuliani was simply mean tonight, attacking Obama unashamedly, and Palin wasn't much better. The following is an excerpt from the Giuliani speech.

Obama, Giuliani said "is the least experienced [presidential nominee] in the last hundred years. He was a community organizer ... What do they do? .. Then he was in the Chicago legislature, no the Illinois legislature, no the Chicago machine ... [The Democrats] have got their experience at the bottom [of the ticket] ... Joe Biden, Joe's got a lot of experience which he'll tell you about ...He's got a lot of experience talking ... talking ... talking," Giuliani said at a luncheon at the New York delegation's hotel. As a state senator, Obama had "an interesting record," Giuliani said, noting that Obama voted "'present' almost 130 times. I don't remember having that vote when I was mayor of New York City ... You're supposed to make a decision."

I would love to simply see a clean fight, a good series of debates where the candidates focus more on the issues than on slamming one another personally. I'm not sure that's too much to ask for.


  1. I agree with Friar Tuck. If you sat and listened to Obama and McCain's speeches only one week apart you would have noticed that Obama was really ripping into McCain. Where when McCain spoke he was not nearly as harsh on Obama. Sounds like you are bing a little one sided there bro. ALSO, I don't see the harm in showing a few of there bad traits. Yeah its nice to know what they plan on accomplishing if elected but it is also nice to know what they have done in their lives that makes them ready to lead the free world. GO MCCAIN

  2. I didn't listen to McCain's speech last night because I was working. I did listen to Obama's, Giuliani's, and Palin's. The difference for me was that Obama seems to attack issues, while I felt that Giuliani attacked Barack as a person. While Obama is sticking up for Palin in not attacking her pregnant child, his character was getting blasted.