Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Interesting Question

In class last night we were discussing the questions of "who is God?", "who is Christ?", and "who the hell are you?" As we continued on in discussion, our professor made a passing comment that took much of the class by surprise, and then proceeded to not unpack the statement any further. So, I ask you the question that was raised to us (I have no idea what the answer is)...

Does God need us?

Let me know what you think. I really don't know what to think about this idea.


  1. We talked about this in Seminary, as well. Several in my class were reluctant to even entertain the possibility and I had to ask this question to follow up:

    What does it mean to "need" someone or something?

    Here's my two cents. Needing someone does not indicate lack in me. It indicates vulnerability and a willingness to partner with someone in a way that means my future is at least partially in the hands of someone else.

    I believe that God created this universe with certain rules. Like, let's say, gravity. The fact that the laws of physics work to keep the world in motion doesn't mean, in my opinion, that God isn't sovereign. The fact that God created and relies on the force of gravity to do the work he created it to do doesn't mean, in my estimation, that God is incomplete or weak. So, let's say, God created humanity with the intention that he wants us to be in partnership together with him (which I believe he did). Then doesn't that necessitate us? Doesn't that mean that God needs us? I think it does.

    I'll be interested to read what your class discussion looks like.

  2. Thanks for your comments Becca. I can really see your point. At first thought I think I agree with you. I'll have to post about what things arise in our class discussion.

  3. God needs us in the same way that a parent needs a child.

    The child cant really give the child anything - emotional support, income, interesting conversaiton. In fact, the child is technically a drain on the parent's resources. But, without a child, a parent could not be a parent.

    I think God needs us in the same way. He is God, so he must create and love. But it doesnt mean that we offer him anything that he didnt already have.

  4. oopss...thats' the "child cant really give the PARENT anything..."

  5. This is really a discussion of Calvin's contoversial doctrine of God's "impassability".

    I don't think God needs us. I think God loves us.

    I think we misterpret love as need..because love meets our emotional needs.