Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tony Blair on Globalization

Tony Blair recently made some comments about our current era of globalization that are helpful as we think about engagement with our neighbors world-wide. You can find the the full speech HERE. The following is a helpful quotation from the speech:

And this is why we need to ask ourselves whether the present form of globalization is entirely appropriate, given the circumstances confronting us. I mean there are, clearly, benefits, but we need to ask whether it requires adaptation so that it also enables, as it were, globalization from the bottom up. This, after all, is the way Nature operates! It grows things from the roots up, not from the sky down. At the moment we operate under a form of globalization that tends to render down all the rich diversity of a culture into a uniform, homogenized mono-culture. And this is where the Modernist paradigm needs to be called into question before the damage being done is irretrievable…

HT: Brian McLaren

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