Monday, September 14, 2009

The Immaculate Deflection

As a life-long, die-hard Denver Bronco fan, I was crushed to not be able to watch the Broncos first game of the season yesterday. Mandy and I are serving in music ministry at a small church about 45 minutes from our home so I could not watch any of the morning football. That means that I missed seeing the end Bronco's miraculous game. As we were blocks away from our house my friends were texting me in unbelief about the amazing catch in the video below that won the game for the Broncos.

I am well-aware that the Broncos are very lucky to leave week 1 with a victory, but that's alright because we are going to need plenty of luck this year. After a terrible offseason, the Broncos are in the midst of a rebuilding year, so I will take all the luck we can get all year long. Enjoy this video of an incredible 87 yard catch by Brandon Stokely to take the lead with 11 seconds left in the game.

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