Monday, December 2, 2013

An Advent Prayer from Walter Brueggemann

Newborn Beginning…After Caesar

And while we wait for the Christ Child,
we are enthralled by the things of Caesar -
money … power … control
and all the well-being that comes from
such control, even if it requires violence

But in the midst of the decree will come this long-expected Jesus
innocent, vulnerable,
full of grace and truth,
grace and not power,
truth and not money,
mercy and not control.

We also dwell in the land of Caesar;
we pray for the gift of your spirit,
that we may loosen our grip on the things of Caesar,
that we may turn our eyes toward the babe,
our ears towards the newness,
our hearts toward the gentleness,
our power and money and control
toward your new governance.

-from Prayers for a Privileged People, 2008: p. 37

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