Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Re-Thinking Mission

Over the past number years I have had tons of conversations and thoughts about the concept of Christian mission. I grew up thinking of "mission" or "missions" as being one thing, but have begun to wonder if it is not something entirely different. For lack of time at the moment, I'll save those thoughts for another post, but this quote from Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove's, The Wisdom of Stability, does a great job of quickly summarizing some of my own thoughts on the subject.
"To imagine stability as mission is not to assume that we will change our neighbors and the broken places where we are if only we can muster the resolve to stick it out. Rather, it is to acknowledge that there is good news in this place--stability that we might not have seen at first, but without which we could not even begin. If God is faithful in exile and present in human flesh, then everything--every place--is now holy. We learn to enjoy the fruit of stability as we embrace God's mission where we are."

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