Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Refreshing and Sustaining Weekend

A lot of times I leave for vacation and arrive home in need of another vacation. I’m more tired than when I left. Usually we spend our vacations doing so many activities and keeping so busy that by the time I get home to my own bed, I’m simply exhausted.

My family was away from Bozeman this past weekend, but this wasn’t a trip like that. 

We were at our cabin near Glacier National Park for about 4 days and it was completely refreshing. We were there celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday, so there were lots of people around and we were busy planning for her big party on Saturday. But, other than that, we were able to simply relax and be together as a family. We didn’t go anywhere away from the cabin. We played cards and sat around the campfire. We took walks and rode four-wheelers. The kids rode bikes and hung out in the playhouse. And we ate…a lot.

This was a refreshing and sustaining weekend. 

My soul was restored by the opportunity to just relax and unwind and my battery was recharged for another season of ministry. I desperately needed that and am so grateful for my church allowing me to get away for a weekend. I’m thankful for Gary organizing the worship service and to Jana for preaching. I’m grateful for the Leadership Team being okay with my absence. I’m indebted to a church that continues to do incredible ministry even when I’m gone.

And now, I’m really excited for a summer of ministry together. And my soul is refreshed enough to handle it.

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