Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day @ the nursing home

Today, Boston, Tina, Mary, Brenna, and Katie took a trip to white river to visit the people in the nursing home. On the way we stopped and got coffee from a trailer drive up coffee shop. Boston's Face lit up! At the nursing home we met a guy named William Walks AKA Willy he's such a cool guy. He told us tons and tons of stories about his life and about his "girlfriend." Katie also met a 33 year old named Bernadine, who Katie became close with. So Boston, Brenna and Katie decided to surprise the two and we sewed them pillow cases with there names on them. Boston and Brenna also played a little beauty school and painted some ladies nails. The cool thing about the nursing home is that it wasn't like normal nursing homes. The people who worked there were really respectful towards the elders and didn't just think of them as old people, they thought of them as elders and really did have so much respect for them. Also we got to play bingo with them residents which was also cool because they get so into it and are really competitive. Tonight we listened to Shane Redhawk who talked about his culture and showed us some of the clothes they wear.
Some predictions: Boston And Brenna decided that we think a girl on our team has a crush on a guy on our team. But we're not for sure.
Some quotes of the day: a girl from the nursing home told Brenna to give her the cigarettes that she had in her pocket because she's not supposed to have them. (she didn't have any) and then later we found out that the lady steals cigarettes from nurses purses.

"coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee." by Tina and Boston and Katie

"you can stay here as long as you don't drink alcohol or smoke weed" by willy

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