Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peace and Quiet...At Last!!

For those who don't know, my wife is in charge of one of the freshman dorms at the University of Sioux Falls, which means we have the privilege of living with around 70 freshman men and women, sharing life with them on a daily basis. This past week was finals week so the students have now moved out for the summer, leaving me and Mandy with the entire dorm to ourselves. It is sort of nice not having screaming students all day, every day. I am sure we will be missing the students by the end of the summer, though, and will be ready for a new batch to move in.

We have learned so much in this first year in this position. God is teaching me a lot about living a lifestyle of ministry, rather than just doing ministry as a job. We don't have the luxury of having nights off, because we live in our ministry setting, with the people we are ministering to. It would be like a year of lock-ins at the church.

I think this is the kind of ministry that God calls us all to, though, whether we get paid by a church or not. We are called to be in people's lives, to get our hands dirty in the daily grind of living. We are called to walk alongside those in pain and do our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Mandy and I are so blessed to have this unique opportunity to do college ministry, but I hope we will always be the kind of people whose doors are open and hearts are tender. I hope I am always more than "the youth guy at the church."


  1. I resonate with the idea of constantly living in ministry, which goes beyond just working in a church. I am every so often torn with the idea of 'being a tent maker' for that would constantly force me to be in direct living with many that might not want to attend a church. While on the other hand I believe that I am called to full time ministry, but God thinks many things are full time ministry. So tent-maker or pastor, my wish is that I would always see ministry without limitations of my earthly eyes. Blessings friends.

  2. I hear you Jason. As things have calmed down here a little bit I realize more fully one of my foremost responsibilities as a mom. I realize it is the most important to model a Christian lifestyle for my boys to see every day. Believe me, that is easier said than done. There are times when I am home with my 3 year old that it is hard to keep my temper and be that example. I can live with 3 am feedings, but dealing with little people that do not listen and constantly question everything is enough to drive a person nuts. I often wonder as i watch my 3 year old, if this is how God feels when I refuse to listen and throw temper tantrums over trivial items. I wonder if He, like me, shakes his head at some of the antics that are pulled and how we keep trying to do the same thing over and over again with the same result. There are only so many times a person can stick themselves back behind the couch when they are too tiny to get out on their own. At some point, they have to ask for help, or simply quit climbing behind the couch. Again, easier said than done.