Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Men and Ciara

Today We began our day going to our second work-site, where we tore out the old tile with a flame thrower(intense). We also started working on the bathroom installing a new toilet and vanity. The boys started out with a rude wake up call this morning with pots and pans by the girls. we had eggs and ham for breakfast, the we split up into groups, the boys and I (ciara) went to the house and began our duties. Neal and Luke worked on the window from yesterdays project. we went through some interesting obstacles such as: chris burning everything down in the house with the flame thrower. Max and Jason helping him. Jason tried to start a fire with no lighter but there was the ever happy handy napkin and toaster idea to get the flame. we can't wait for our chillaxin day tomorrow. And i can't wait for the boy's 6am wake up call!!
posted by:Ciara and Max


  1. Max! Now you can install bathroom fixtures at your own house. ;)

    I am loving reading ALL the blog entries and thinking of your group as you work (and play). May God be with you in all you do. Peace ... Michelle (Max's mom)

  2. Wow, sounds like Handy Manny has nothing on you guys. I second Michelle's blog. Now that I have a house full of boys I would love my own "custom made " bathroom.

    I really think you may be on to a whole new ministry opportunity. Singing Showers of Glory....on that note, ~cal~