Monday, January 4, 2010

A Compelling Picture

I recently came across this image on the blog of Eugene Cho, a pastor here in Seattle. The picture is of Jesus carrying the gear of a Nazi soldier. I love art that asks you to think hard, that doesn't allow you to just pass by without deep contemplation. I wonder what you think about this picture.

HT: Eugene Cho


  1. This reminds me of the painting that was circulating a couple of years ago of Jesus washing Osama Bin Laden's feet. I think I was more caught off-guard by that one, but that's mostly because I wasn't alive when the Nazis were in power, but I was alive for 9/11. I do think it's a powerful painting, though. Thanks for posting it, Jason.

  2. This is what it means to Love Your Enemies. I reflect on this, and Rebecca's image that she lifted, and I begin to believe that there is hope for humanity, that in the simple offer of a extended hand of peace, there is hope, and that there may be a glimmer of Light in each person, no matter how evil we may perceive them.