Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Gig

Since beginning as a student at Mars Hill Graduate School I have been interested in finding my niche at the school, the place where my interests and abilities can best serve and be utilized by the school. There are plenty of ways to be involved in areas like student council, but that has never really interested me.

Recently, however, a great opportunity finally arose. I was contacted by the editor of our school's blog and asked if I would volunteer my time as a co-editor of the site. He had seen my own blog and had asked me to write a post for the school's site once before, and was interested in my services in this role. I jumped at the opportunity.

My responsibilities in this role will be to write posts for the site (maybe once every week or 2) and find other students and faculty to write for the site. Already I have become more aware of the things people are saying and writing in classes, asking them to write posts for me based on their thoughts. Many of the posts I write for the MHGS site will also be included here on this blog, but please visit this other blog HERE.

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