Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Can't Just Say Nothing

While the concept has been met with a good deal of hesitancy and criticism, especially in the Christian realm, I don't mind being labeled as 'postmodern.' Postmodernism, in reaction to the 500 previous years of Modernism, has ushered in the beginnings of a new way of being in the world, a posture less consumed with having all the answers and more interested in conversation and mutuality with others. Postmodernism assumes that 'we' (this can be any group 'I' am a part of, including Christianity) do not have a stranglehold on the truth and that there is much to be learned from 'them.'

The problem with postmodernism, however, can come in how it is often unwilling to make ANY sort of truth claims. This can seem so wishy-washy, like the postmodern thinker has no real thoughts of their own. The postmodern thinker must find a balance between seeking truth and make truth claims without appearing to have every answer and closing themselves off to learning from others. For a much more intelligent and lengthy conversation on this topic, please check out Richard Dahlstrom's blog post on the subject HERE. Richard is a pastor here in Seattle and is brilliant. His way of talking about the pros and cons of postmodernism are fascinating and very helpful. I strongly encourage you to read his thoughts on this subject and others (great thoughts recently on the Supreme Court decision that corporations should be afforded 1st Amendment rights) at HIS BLOG.

HT: Richard Dahlstrom

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