Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Great Week Part 2

Like I've said previously, this past week was simply amazing. Following a great three days in Chicago at the Willow Creek Youth Ministry Conference there were 6 of us who attended the Bulls v. Cavs game at the United Center that night, which was a great experience.

On Saturday we spent a little time in downtown Chicago. We had lunch at Ed Debevic's, a 50's burger joint where the waiters give you crap the whole time. It is a lot of fun. After lunch we piled in the van and headed 3 hours east, around Lake Michigan, to Grand Rapids. Mandy, my friend David, a college student on the trip named Scott (who is going out to Mars Hill Grad School this fall too), and I had dinner at a friend of mine's house that evening. We met this couple from Grand Rapids in Seattle when we visited and became quick friends. It was great to see them again, as the next time we see each other we will both be living in Seattle.

On Sunday morning we all attended church at Rob Bell's church, Mars Hill Bible Church. The service was awesome and it was great to hear Rob in person. Following the service we were able to talk with him for a few minutes before getting back in the van for the 12 hour trip home in one day.

It was so great to do that whole trek one more time before moving so far away. Both Willow Creek and Rob Bell have been incredibly influential in my life, so it was great to visit them again.


  1. Never been to mars hill. that would be fun.

    hope seattle is all you dreamed it will be.

  2. I made a similar route! I was at Shift and then drove the 3 hours to GR (except for me GR is home).

    But your 12 hour drive away from Mars Hill sure sounds a lot longer than my 20 minute drive away from Mars Hill...