Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thoughts on the NBA

For quite some time my sports fanhood was rarely directed at NBA Basketball, but that has begun to change in the last few years. A number of things about the NBA have caught my interest in the past couple weeks, so I thought this might be worth a few comments.

Firstly, I had the chance to attend my first NBA basketball game ever this past weekend. We were in Chicago this past week for a youth ministry conference that ended this past Friday when we realized that the Chicago Bulls were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers that evening, Friday, April 11. That night we went down to the United Center to try to secure tickets but the only tickets we could get were standing room only tickets. We bought them and were able to find six seats together in the upper deck where no one was sitting, so we actually had quite good seating. The game was amazing as LeBron dropped 24 in the first quarter, including 2 monster dunks. The Bulls went on to win and it was a great experience for all of us.

The excitement of attending a live game for the first time leaves me incredibly disappointed about the Seattle SuperSonics, though. Most of you know that my wife, Mandy, and I are moving to Seattle this summer, so being a sports fan I was looking forward to watching the Sonics in Key Arena during our time in the Northwest. Sadly, though, it appears inevitable that the Sonics will be moving to Oklahoma City for the start of next season. I'm very frustrated about this, but I'm still hopeful that the city will be able to stop this process from happening. Supposedly the owner of Starbucks, who used to own the Sonics, is working on buying the team back so he can keep them in the city. I'm praying for his attempts. The Sonics have such a rich heritage in Seattle and I was hopeful to jump on that bandwagon next season, not to mention have the opportunity to watch Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and a lottery pick from this year's draft.

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