Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Pet Peeve...Anonymous Commenting

The biggest reason I have a blog and continue to write and reflect here is because I love and appreciate the conversations that have happened through reading others' thoughts and commenting. It really is a beautiful thing that we can come together with a host of differing opinions, world views, traditions, etc., and dialog together as Christian brothers and sisters.

Thus, the "anonymous comments" leave me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I could care less if people disagree with me...or even criticize me for that matter. If you choose to, though, just write your name and we can continue on the conversation you so one-sidedly began. It is amazing the number of people (usually Christians) who become emboldened in cyber-space to say anything and everything due to the option of anonymity. The amount of hurtful comments from one Christian to another by use of a pseudonym or the ever-illusive name "anonymous" is incredible and is starting to really irk me. Let's treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve and keep healthy conversations flowing.


  1. well jason i think this is a very good pet peev to 'ave and i thnk yes its very rude oh and by the way its me i found this link reading the impact website so cya later

  2. Hi Jason,

    I agree with you on the whole "anonymous commenting" thing. Discourages me as well.

    You write well. Keep with it.

    Press on.

    Brian Jones