Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Bucket List

Last Wednesday I took my high school and college-age students to the movie "The Bucket List." The movie wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen, but was very good and served to spark much thought for me and my students.

Last night we met to discuss the movie and to craft our own Bucket Lists. The premise of a Bucket List is that you are to put things on your list you would like to accomplish before you 'kick the bucket'. Here is my list so far (I'm sure many more will be added later). What would your list look like?

My Bucket List (in no certain order)
  1. Have kids
  2. See a U2 concert
  3. See a Dave Matthews Band concert
  4. Travel to Israel
  5. Travel to Rome
  6. Pastor a church that is honestly following the way of Christ
  7. Finish seminary
  8. Sky dive
  9. Get another tattoo
  10. Know homeless people
  11. Live in the inner-city
  12. Record a cd
  13. Adopt a kid
  14. Travel to Africa
  15. Start a church
  16. Sleep on the streets
  17. See a Major League Baseball game in every stadium
  18. Rock climb in every state
  19. Read everything Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote
  20. Learn the piano
  21. Own a Jeep


  1. Just wait until U2 and Dave Matthew tour together. Then you can knock off two at once! (and what an amazing show that would be...)

  2. That would be a good show. My wife and I are moving to Seattle in July so hopefully there will be a better concert scene there. Dave Matthews is in the Gorge in George, WA in August, so I think I will be at that show. Knock one off my bucket list.