Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Last Week

Boy, seems like forever since I've written on here. A lot has happened in the past week will continue to happen this weekend. I was skiing in Montana from last Wednesday through Sunday. I met 2 of my best friends in Bozeman, MT for a great time of hanging out and hitting the slopes. We had so much fun laughing together, enjoying great food, and basking in God's goodness that are the Rocky Mountains. I was also able to see our great friends Shad, Patti, and their 3 amazing boys while we were in Big Sky Country. This trip was a much-needed respite from the grind of normal life, a great chance to recharge for the remainder of the semester and to reunite with good friends.

The bad part of our week happened yesterday when Mandy had her wallet stolen from her own desk at work. We have no idea who stole it, but they tried to scam us by calling Mandy's work phone and pretending to be our bank, while asking Mandy to confirm her PIN number. Luckily she is smarter than that. There was nothing irreplaceable in the wallet, but we continue to worry about identity theft and hope that we have taken any precautions to keep that from happening. Lord, help us!

Our week will culminate in grand fashion as we move this weekend. We are pretty excited about all that communal living has to teach us, and are excited to getting going with the experiment. Us and 1 of the other couples are moving in on Saturday, with the other couple moving the following weekend. It seems so strange to be moving again, only 8 months after our last move. At least we aren't heading cross-country again on this one. This move has been relatively stress-free thus far, and I don't antipate that feeling changing.

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