Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tragic Night

I do my best to not write about sports very often on here (despite being an avid sports fan), but I cannot resist after such a disapointing even last night. I am a die-hard Duke Blue Devils fan and was devastated by their crushing lost last evening in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. Any Duke loss will be cataclysmic for me, but the nature of their 23 point defeat to Villanova has me writhing with anger today.

If you know anything about Duke basketball, you know that their coach, Coach K, runs a tight ship of normally mediocre-talent guys who play fundamental basketball and typically win because they simply outwork their opponent. Which is why their game last night was so tragic. They played terrible defense (constantly lunging for steals rather than staying in front of their man), missed wide open shots that they almost always make (Scheyer & Henderson were like 4 for 27), and, in general, didn't have nearly as much 'heart' as the Villanova's players played with. I had to shut the game off with about 3:00 remaining just to keep from throwing the remote through the was THAT bad!

I guess I have 8 months to get over this tragic loss, but I really do hope that Coach K works hard at finding a solid point guard, a dominant big man, and re-instills the fundamentals of defense, boxing out, and hard work...or next year might be just as disappointing.

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  1. coach k would do better at this point going to a mid-major. His strength is dealing with players who are there for all four years of a collge experience, instead of being forced to go to college for one.

    But, I am always happy to see Duke lose.