Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Update on a Lack of Posting

It feels like ages since I've last been on here and I miss frequently posting. I'll need to get better about that. There is something about getting your thoughts and feelings out and knowing that people (very few!) actually care enough to hear about them that make you feel pretty good inside. For some reason journaling never really worked for me, but this blogging thing has sort of stuck. excuses for not posting very often lately:
  • Tons of Homework -- I'm not sure why all my professors felt the need to make all of their big assignments due within a 3 week period, but March has just been crazy for me with reading and writing
  • I'm Sick -- I never get sick. I hate being sick. Its just a cold but it has really set me back. I hope it doesn't last much longer.
  • Moving -- I didn't anticipate this move being so emotionally draining, but it has been. It has been great living with our great friends thus far, but it is more time consuming as we've been getting our house arranged and we end up staying up late just chatting and hanging out.

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