Friday, March 13, 2009

An Unexpected Medley

Today on the bus to class, I was surrounded by two men who were engulfed in their iPods and both had the volume up far too high. The one was loudly jamming to Elvis, while the other was calmly grooving to Kenny G's jazz sax. It was such an odd, eclectic mix of music. I felt like all I was missing was the typical, blaring hip hop to complete the Bermuda Triangle of bus music. I should have just bust out in freestyle rap.


  1. How did you like that book on mission that you blogged about a while ago?

  2. Clint-the first 2 chapters were really great and helpful. The last 2 weren't quite as good though. It was a good read though. His thoughts on mission moving from the one to the many, the particular to the universal have really helped shape my thoughts on mission.