Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost Done...

3 more papers. After an incredibly long trimester, I am down to my final 3 papers before getting a week-long break prior to the summer trimester. I can't wait. Each trimester of seminary we have had one week off as a "reading week" where we can get caught up on our homework, but the reading week this trimester was too early in the term to be useful. So now all the major work has stacked up into the final few weeks, leaving me exhausted.

I will be spending my break in Sioux Falls at one of my best friend's wedding (Nate). It will be so great to see my friends, do some rock climbing with David and Joel, eat some Buffalo Wild Wings, and finally have a chance to breathe deeply again. Nate's bachelor party involves the rental of a sky box for a Minnesota Twins game at the Metrodome in fun. It will be such a blessing to get away and relax for a week. But for now...3 more papers.

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  1. sky box huh! Wow! We settled for miniature golf and applebees