Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rob Bell on Preaching

For those who frequent this site, you probably know that I secretly have a man-crush on Rob Bell. I think he's awesome. I would say, without much hesitation, that he is the best communicator (preacher) I have ever heard. He has a beautiful way of digging into the the text while allowing it to come alive for the congregation in ways that make a difference in the world.

Thus, I am incredibly excited about attending his conference on preaching this summer (July 5-7). The conference is called "Prophets, Poets, & Preachers," and the website calls it a "seminar for those serious about reclaiming the art of the sermon." I believe that preaching has a unique way of instilling hope and calling forth change, and I am passionate about learning to become a better communicator of the gospel. I heard one lecture on preaching from Rob a few years ago and it radically altered the way I thinking about sermon preparation, so I am eagerly anticipating the incredible insight Rob will have to offer during the 3-day conference. Click HERE for more information.


  1. I want to go to the PPP conference but have no funds to make it happen. I'm trying to explore options. Do you have someone accompanying you as your "free friend" yet? If not, would you be willing to allow me to enter with you the first time so I can be there?
    Can't tell you how grateful I'd be if I could figure this thing out.
    Anna Miller (VA)

  2. Eager to read your thoughts on this conference, Jason. Hey, I met a friend of yours.... Lori VanL